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Game Fifty-Two – Pollok vs. Irvine Meadow XI

July 5, 2009

Pollok vs. Irvine Meadow XI

Pollok 0 vs. 1 Irvine Meadow XI

Evening Times Cup Winners Cup Final
Thursday 18th June 2009, Kick-Off 7.30pm
Newlandsfield Park, Shawlands

This is my final game of the season, the final game in the Scottish football season and probably the final game of the 2008/09 season anywhere.

The final of the Evening Times Cup Winners Cup, where cup and divisional winners are pitied against each other in the dying embers of the junior season.

I get the bus out to Pollok’s Newlandsfield Park, the ‘neutral’ venue for tonight’s tie. Meadow are apparently okay with it as their main concern was to play on a decent playing surface.

Baners for the Evening Times are dotted about outside the ground. I notice also that the local Oddbins, in anticipation of a win for Pollok, has Bolinger on at £31.99 a bottle, if you buy six.

I head into the Pollok FC Social Club as I’ve arranged to meet up with Dave from Dave’s Football Travels. This is also Dave’s final match of the season. However, where this is my 52nd game of the season, this will be Dave’s 105th.

When we come out of the club, about five minutes before kick-off, we find that there is quite a big queue (for junior football) waiting to get in. The queues are so big that the kick-off is delayed by ten minutes until 7.40pm.

The game starts off quite well with both teams going at each other. It soon becomes obvious however that Pollok cannot, for the life of them, get a shot on target.

In the 26th minute McGinty cuts a ball back across Pollok’s penalty box, it’s headed on for Chris Robertson to a shot that beats his namesake Kris in the Pollok goal. It’s a shock for Pollok, as they had much of the play up until now.

There’s very little of note to report after that. The rain comes donw heavily at half-time forcing the majority of fans on the opening terracing to join us under the roof.

Andy McLaren, the one-time Scottish international comes on as a sub for Meadow late on. McLaren hasn’t had his troubles to seek throughout his career and his drug abuse problems have been widely documented. So it was no great surprise to hear some Pollok fans loudly suggesting that he snort the white lines on the pitch as he came on.

Pollok’s Derek Wingate has a great chance to level late on, but when he shoots over the bar the fans know that their chance has gone.

There’s a good natured pitch invasion as Irvine Meadow are presented with the impressive trophy. As we make our way outside we notice that through the dressing room window the Meadow players are dousing each other in champagne. A group of Meadow fans are quickly hanging in the window joining in the celebrations.

And with that the 2008/09 season is over. Never mind only three weeks until the new season starts.

You can read other reports of the game at Dave’s Football Travels, The Mighty Meadow blog and Nomadic Fitba.

Irvine Meadow fans

Pollok: K. Robertson, Carruth, Dillon (Halliday 81), Wingate, Walker, McLay, MacKay (Harrison 73), Turnbull, Dingwall, Essler, Cruickshank. Subs not used: Newall, Morgan, MacKillop

Irvine Meadow: Wardrope, Ryan, Swift, McGowan, C. Robertson, Crilly, Strain (Docherty 10 (McLaren 76)), Turner, Barr, McGinty (Hyslop 72), Hamilton. Subs not used: McBride, McLaughlin

Scorer: C. Robertson (26)

Attendance: 1,153

Referee: Des Roache


Game Forty-Four – Clydebank vs. Pollok

April 29, 2009

The queue to get in

Clydebank 0 vs. 1 Pollok
(Agg 3-3, Clydebank win 4-1 on penalties)

Scottish Junior Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg
Saturday 25th April 2009, Kick-Off 2.30pm
Millburn Park, Alexandria

I’m back for the second leg of this Scottish Junior Cup tie. It’s also the final match in a trilogy between the two clubs, all played at different venues. Last week’s game was a cracker so I’ve high hopes for today’s encounter.

With Holm Park being deemed unsuitable to host the crowds expected for this tie, Clydebank’s home leg of this semi-final is taking place some 8 miles or so down the road in Alexandria at Millburn Park, the home of Vale of Leven.

My mate Ronnie comes along with me for today’s game, having enjoyed his last match when we went to see Third Lanark Athletic. He took some of the photographs on this post.

Much like the first leg last week it’s a glorious spring day. We’ve opted to get down here early as I anticipated a decent sized crowd. Alexandria is about 40 minutes by train from Glasgow Queen Street. The journey is quite pleasant, once you have passed Dalmuir that is. There’s a fair few Bankies fans on the train. When we alight, about half of them opt to go to the pub before the match, we just head along to the ground.

The admission price here is again, the same as the first leg, seven pounds. This has apparently been governed by the SJFA and it’s the same cost at the other semi-final in Auchinleck.

We’re here about 50 minutes before kick off and there’s already a decent sized crowd in. The merchandise stall is set up and is doing brisk trade. The most eye catching item on sale is the new ‘Never Mind the Polloks’ Sex Pistols parody T-Shirt. There’s also face painting for the kids.

Face Painting

Ronnie notices that former referee Hugh Dallas is in the crowd. Dallas is currently the SFA Referee Development Officer.

Much like I would imagine the warning sign that you’re watching too much pornography is when you start to know the names of the actors, I think the clue that I’m watching too much football is that I recognise today’s fourth official by sight as Ross Haswell. Mr. Haswell refereed Tuesday’s reserve match between St. Mirren and Dundee United.

In addition to the three games between these sides all being played at different grounds, the teams have also worn three different strips each. Today Clydebank line up in white shirts with red shorts and red socks while Pollok wear red shirts with white shorts and white socks.

With ten minutes to go before kick-off there’s quite a queue building up outside the ground.

When the game kicks off Pollok go at Clydebank straight away. An early goal will get them right back into the tie.

Clydebank seem to be getting the breaks from the referee. There are a couple of tame free-kicks awarded in their favour early on. Even when the ref does award Pollok a free-kick it comes not without some admonishment or other for one of the away players.

There’s a Pollok fan sat next to me on the terracing who gives the referee pelters for every decision that goes against the away team.

Mark Hailstones tries to get a cross into the Pollok box.

Mark Hailstones tries to get a cross into the Pollok box.

Pollok get the goal they’re looking for with ten minutes gone. A throw-in into the Clydebank penalty area gets nodded on and Andy McClay runs onto it. He hits a right footed shot first time from the edge of the box. The shot finds the goal at the far post. “He scores once every five years,” the Pollok fan beside me remarks. The tie is now level at 3-3.

Clydebank aren’t really in it as an attacking force in the first half. It’s all Pollok and at this stage Clydebank are just fighting to keep in the tie.

Clydebank vs. Pollok

In the second half the Bankies look livelier. They mount several attacks on Kris Robertson’s goal. The Pollok keeper has a heart in mouth moment when he attempts to clear a backpass up the pitch, only to kick fresh air as the ball bobbles behind the goal for a corner kick.

Clydebank have a few chances from corners, but it’s Pollok who come closest to scoring with only minutes left when David McGeown has his shot saved by Stefan Gonet.

The game goes straight to penalty kicks if it’s a draw. With about five minutes left to play Ronnie and I take a gamble and head for the terraced end of the pitch with the thinking that this will be the end the kicks will be taken at. There’s no home or away end as such, so there’s no real advantage or disadvantage for either side in shooting at a particular set of supporters. In addition the other end has just flat ground behind the goal and a rope keeping fans from the pitch.


We come a cropper however as a coin toss decides the kicks will be taken at the end of the ground where we were standing just five minutes previously. We make our way back round. As it is there’s not much movement towards that end as most people are happy with the view that they have.

Clydebank take the first kick. Gary Lynn, scorer of two penalties in the first leg, steps up and has no problems putting his kick away down Robertson’s left hand side.

Robert Downs is first for Pollok. Gonet dives to his right and saves it. A loud cheer goes up from the Bankies faithful.

Allan Jack is next for Clydebank and he makes it 2-0.

Davie Turnbull gets one back for Pollok, but Gavin Rushford’s successful attempt and another Gonet save from Carruth leave Clydebank 3-1 up and needing to score the next kick to reach the final.

As the ball comes back out following Gonet’s save, Chris Mackie eagerly scoops it up and places it on the spot for his kick. I tell Ronnie to prepare for the pitch invasion if this one goes in. No sooner had I said that than, “Get ready to run onto the pitch,” one of the wee boys in front of us says to his pal.

Mackie bounces up and down a couple of times before stepping forward and banging his kick to Robertson’s left. The Pollok keeper guesses right, but he can’t get there and Clydebank are in the final.

Mackie hits the winning penalty

Sure enough there’s a good natured pitch invasion and Ronnie and I join in.

There’s much jumping up and down for the Clydebank fans as the players look for their friends and loved ones in the crowd.

It’s really a tremendous achievement for Clydebank to reach the final. They weren’t fancied to progress much further than the quarter-finals. It’s nice to see the town and the fans have something to cheer in football terms once again. After the disgraceful way the senior side was allowed to go out of business it’s a real triumph that the side that rose from the ashes are into the final of the Scottish Junior Cup.

Clydebank celebrate

The players eventually escape the clutches of the over the moon supporters and disappear into the dressing room. It’s not long though until they are brought back out onto the pitch, as the fans aren’t for going anywhere in a hurry. Unfortunately they’re not quite sure what to do when they get out there, so kind of stand around as the fans shout, sing and generally jump around them.

“I want to kiss every one of you,” Ronnie overhears one of the fans telling the players as they line up for photographs.

Clydebank players after the final whistle.

Clydebank players after the final whistle.

When we realise that there’s nothing much more happening, Ronnie and I head over to The Laughing Fox for a couple of drinks alongside tens of Bankies fans.

The biggest day in the club’s history will be Sunday 31st May as they take on Auchinleck Talbot at Rugby Park in the final.

Stefan Gonet receives his man of the match award from Jim O'Donnell

Stefan Gonet receives his man of the match award from Jim O'Donnell

Ronnie has more photographs here. I have more photographs here.

The video highlights are below. It’s about a minute of the actual match. The rest is the penalty shoot out, celebrations and a post match interview.

Clydebank: Gonet, Lynn, McInnes, Rushford, Soutar, J. Jack, Smith (Allum 80), Anderson (Blair 67), Hobbs, Mackie, Hailstones (A. Jack 89). Subs not used: Cunningham, Scobie

Pollok: Robertson, Carruth, Aitchison, McClay, Wingate, Miller (Downs 57), Hardie, McGeown, Dingwall, Turnbull, Essler (McKay 75). Subs not used: Waddell, Cruickshank, Newall

Scorer: McClay (10)

Attendance: 1659

Referee: Stevie O’Brien

Assistants: Stephen Mitchell and Colin Steven

Fourth Official: Ross Haswell

In a postscript, Pollok gaffer Jim Sinnett quit his post days later.

Game Forty-One – Pollok vs. Clydebank

April 21, 2009

Pollok vs. Clydebank

Pollok 2 vs. 3 Clydebank

Citylink Scottish Junior Cup Semi-Final First Leg
Saturday 18th April 2009, Kick-Off 2.30pm
Newlandsfield Park, Glasgow

One of the best games of the season for my money. A gorgeous day, a healthy crowd and a match played in proper cup-tie spirit.

On the approach to the ground after I leave Pollokshaws East train station there’s a vendor selling Pollok and Clydebank scarves and flags. There’s one at the corner of the ground too. I say ‘Pollok and Clydebank’ really they’re just black and white, and red and white flags and scarves. Talk about opportunism.

The prices are jacked up today also. It’s seven quid admission. Still, it’s decent compared to some of the mad prices in the SFL.

There’s a definite sense of occasion in the ground. It really does feel like it’s a big game.

The SJFA have made a change to the format for this year’s semi-finals. This is the first time they have opted for a two legged tie. The thinking behind this is to boost crowds and therefore takings. Traditionally the semis were played in a senior ground on a Friday night. This obviously allowed the games to avoid clashing with senior matches, the thinking being that it would boost attendances. The police have vocally opposed Friday night games, although the crowds haven’t been great in recent years in any case.

There are no away goals and if the tie is drawn it goes straight to penalty kicks.

I’ve been to Newlandsfield Park once already this season, to see Pollok take on Auchinleck Talbot, who are playing Kirkintilloch Rob Roy in the other semi.

On that occasion I’m pretty sure that the match announcer played ‘Jocelyn Square’ by Love and Money, which he also does today. If James Grant is wondering where those steady PRS cheques for 12p are coming from then look no further.

I notice that the referee (or if this were the Daily Record, ‘Whistler’), Des Roache, I’ve seen in action already this week. He took charge of the Rangers-Aberdeen Reserve game on Tuesday.

There is a really good crowd in today. It’s not a sell out, but everywhere on the terraces seems quite full. The Clydebank fans are in good voice and start the singing from before the kick-off. They regularly taunt the home support to sing and every so often they stop singing with a ‘Ssshhhh’ to give Pollok’s fans a turn. There’s certainly enough of the home support to make a roar for a couple of penalty claims, but there’s not a song all day.

The game opens at a quick pace, with Pollok having most of the early attacks. Clydebank defend well. In particular Mark Hailstones who twice clears from on the goal line.

Against the run of play Clydebank take the lead. A Hailstones corner from the left comes into the box. Kris Robertson in the Pollok goal goes for it but misses. John Jack leaps and heads the ball into the net to make it 1-0 to the visitors.

There’s not the same sense of excitement that there was when Clydebank shocked Petershill to go a goal up in the Quarter-Final. This obviously stems from the fact that in this two-legged tie there’s a long way to go and little chance that this 1-0 lead will be intact at the end of 180 minutes.

In fact it lasts only 2 minutes as a diving header from Stevie Miller levels the score.

With twenty-five minutes gone Mr. Roache awards Bankies a penalty kick. I don’t have the best of views but there’s a strong shout from the Clydebank fans. Gary Lynn sticks the ball down Robertson’s left hand side and the underdogs are back in the lead.

There’s a let off for the vistors on 37 minutes when ‘keeper Stefan Gonet goes up for a high ball around about the penalty spot. He misses it completely. A Pollok forward heads it onto the crossbar from where it bounces back into Gonet’s arms.

A few moments later Clydebank have a chance to increase their lead as Hailstones takes a quick throw-in that sends Charlie Hobbs off down the left wing. He cuts inside and cracks a shot that flashes past the left hand post.

The Pollok players run onto the pitch for the second half shouting and encouraging each other. This seems to have done the job as they start with all guns blazing and get the equaliser within the first minute. Gonet spills a shot straight into the path of top scorer Bryan Dingwall who slots it into the net.

Hobbs goes off

It’s a fine spring day and some of the fans in attendance have taken the opportunity to have a cargo in the sun. There are groups of lads with cases of beer, bottles of Buckfast and MD 20/20. There are also several children running around chasing each other.

In 69 minutes there’s a scramble in the Pollok box. Clydebank have a shot blocked. Then as Ryan Scobie hits a shot with Robertson in goal nowhere Derek Wingate appears to stop the shot with his hand. I’m not as vocal a Clydebank fan as I used to be several years ago, but even I, stood behind the goal, shout “Penalty!” The referee has no hesitation in awarding it and follows that up by showing Wingate a straight red.

Lynn steps up to take it again. This time he changes sides and skelps it high to Robertson’s right hand. The 6-1 outsiders are back in the lead again at 3-2.

Eight minutes later there’s an incident just outside the Clydebank penalty area. From where I am I don’t get a good look at it, but a guy behind me claims that Turnbull has put a knee into a Clydebank player’s face. Sure enough the ref whips out the red card again and Pollok are down to nine men. He follows that up very quickly with a red for Bankies’ subsitute Steven Blair. It’s now 9 men versus 10 men.

Pollok have a couple of chances to get the equaliser, but with a further 90 minutes coming up next week, there’s no need for them to commit too many men forward.

Bankies’ Mark Maxwell appears to take a heavy knock, but plays on as there are no more substitutes left. Apparently he incurred a broken collar bone.

Clydebank hang on to take a shock lead to Millburn Park for the second leg. They also maintain their record of never having lost an away Scottish Cup tie since their return to the Juniors.

The main aim for Bankies today was to keep the tie alive for the second leg and they’ve certainly done that. It should be an interesting match down in Alexandria next Saturday.

Pollok manager and ex-Clydebank (when they were a senior team) striker Jimmy Sinnet said afterwards to the Daily Record, “At the end of the game they were acting as if they’d won it already but the tie isn’t over yet.”

There’s a preview of the game from the Evening Times here, with an interview with Bankies’ Charlie Hobbs, as well as a good discussion about the tie in the comments section.

A selection of photographs from the Pollok website are here.
I have more photographs here.

Pollok vs. Clydebank

There are about 18 minutes of highlights from YouTube below. First half then second half.

Pollok: Robertson, Carruth, Cruickshank, Aitchison, Wingate, Miller, Hardie, McGeown, Dingwall (Downs 81), Turnbull, Essler (MacKay 81)

Scorers: Miller (16), Dingwall (46)

Sent Off: Wingate (68), Turnbull (76)

Clydebank: Gonet, Lynn, McInnes, Rushford (Blair 52), Soutar, Anderson, J. Jack, Smith (Maxwell 71), Hobbs (Scobie 63), Mackie, Hailstones

Scorers: J. Jack (14), Lynn (25 pen, 69 pen)

Sent Off: Blair (76)

Attendance: 1480

Referee: Des Roache

Assistants: Andy Tait, Euan Anderson

Fourth Official: Neil McLennan

Game Thirty-Four – Clydebank vs. Pollok

April 3, 2009

Holm Park, Yoker

Clydebank 0 vs. 3 Pollok

New Coin Automatics West of Scotland Cup 3rd Round
Saturday 28th March 2009, Kick-Off 2pm
Holm Park, Yoker

This is the first of three cup ties between the two sides I intend to go along to. They are all at different venues as well, with the SJFA deeming today’s venue, Holm Park, as unsuitable to host Clydebank’s home leg of the Scottish Junior Cup semi-final. I can well understand that given the state of some of Holm Park’s terracing. Although to be fair there is new terracing currently being built.

I think this is the first match I’ve been to this season where I have already seen both teams on show. However the attraction of the triple header was too much. It’s the business end of the season for both teams and this is a nice little warm up for the more exciting two-legged Scottish Junior Cup semi-final in April.

Since Clydebank became a junior team the club have made an effort to put merchandise on sale and it’s something they are to be commended for. It’s one of the best examples of a club shop I’ve seen. You can buy DVDs of the Junior clubs highlights from over the last 5 years, as well as replica strips, Polo shirts, T-shirts, mugs and key rings. You can also buy mousemats and framed pictures from throughout the history of both the Junior and Senior club as well as back issues of programmes.

Clydebank vs. Pollok

Clydebank start the match well having plenty of possession. It doesn’t last however as in virtually Pollok’s first attack, in the third minute, they score. It’s scrappy and it just about trickles over the line, but it’s 1-0 Pollok and Clydebank are up against it.

Five minutes later it’s worse as a long throw into the box ended up falling to Calum Hardie who thumped the ball high into the Bankies’ net.

At 2-0 it’s looking like a tall order for Clydebank to get back into this one.

Two guys on the terracing behind me neck cans of Strongbow and Tennent’s Lager respectively. They appear to be the kind of guys who will happily shout the word ‘cunt’ in earshot of kids standing with their parents.

Clyebank attempted to push on to get back into the game, but they never really troubled the Pollok defence.

With 13 minutes to go Pollok finished it off when Clydebank lost possession in the centre circle and Davie Turnbull went through on goal, knocking the ball past Stefan Gonet to make it 3-0 Pollok.

Although both teams will probably field a different line up in the first leg of the Scottish Cup semi I can’t see Pollok being too worried by the Clydebank threat. Bankies will have to play much better over the two legs to make the final.

From the Clydebank Till I Die website comes the match highlights at the bottom of the page. Remember to hit the ‘HQ’ button.

A report of the match is on the Pollok website. You can also find a report on the game from my fellow groundhopper Dave’s excellent website. I have some more photographs here.

Clydebank vs. Pollok

Clydebank: Gonet, Allum, McInnes, Rushford, Cunningham, Soutar (A. Jack 53), Maxwell, Jack, Mackie, Selkirk (Scobie 46), Fisher (McIntyre 81)

Pollok: Robertson, Carruth, Dillon, Cruickshank, Wingate, Sweeney, Hardie, McGeown, Dingwall (Waddell 73), Downs (Turnbull 73), Essler (MacKay 79)

Scorers: Sweeney (3), Hardie (8), Turnbull (78)

Referee: Ross Haswell (Category 2)

Game Fourteen – Pollok vs. Auchinleck Talbot

November 12, 2008

Pollok Clear an Auchinleck Attack

Pollok 2 vs. 0 Auchinleck Talbot

Stagecoach West of Scotland League Premier Division
Saturday 8th November 2008, Kick-Off 2pm
Newlandsfield, Glasgow

Other commitments have prevented me from attending a match for five weeks and if I’m honest I’m up against it now to make 50 matches by the end of the season. I’ll just have to cram them in over the winter months.

Today’s game looked like it might be a tasty encounter between two of junior football’s best sides. Before the match I went along to the Mitchell Library. Here there is an exhibition highlighting Pollok’s centenary. Although ‘exhibition’ makes it sound slightly grand, it was really a display case with a handful of items in.

These items included a club ledger from (I think) the 1948/49 season, 3 match programmes from Pollok’s 3 Scottish Junior Cup wins, 2 medals – the 2007/08 Junior Premier League and the 2007/08 Evening Times Cup Winners’ Cup winners medal. There was also a hat, scarf and T-shirt in addition to some photographs of the side through the years.

Newlandsfield is pretty easy to find. Get the train from Glasgow Central to Pollokshaws East and the ground is viewable from the station. It’s right around the corner from the exit. The doors don’t open until about half an hour before kick-off, and although there’s only a handful of people waiting around at that point there’s a decent attendance once kick-off arrives.

Kids on the Pitch at Half-Time

The game starts in quite an attacking style with Auchinleck going close after Pollok keeper Kris Robertson came for a long ball and missed it. His defender put in a terrific goal-line clearance to keep the score at 0-0.

Robertson might be the quietest goalkeeper I’ve seen so far this season. He contributed to a few defensive muddles due to his lack of communication with his defence. So much so that one of his team-mates berated him for his lack of vocals. His distribution was also quite poor, continually launching long balls up the field to no one. At one point both keepers kicked the ball to each other three times in sucession.

As I stood behind the Pollok goal for a period in that first half I could hear two old boys beside me, in the midst of a conversation. They were discussing Harry a chap who was absent from today’s match.

“You wurnae speaking to me at that match. You were too busy talking to Harry.”

“I was just wanting him to be happy so he’ll keep coming to the games.”

“He’ll only come if I give him a lift.”

“Aye, that’s good of you giving him a lift.”

“Did you get another prgramme for him the day?”

“Aye, I got another programme for him.”

“That’s four you must have for him by now.”

It was like some junior football based version of Waiting For Godot.

Auchinleck can’t capitalise on the home side’s defensive misgivings and Pollok take the lead in the 21st minute when Stevie Miller hits a low shot through a packed penalty area.

Some of the junior grounds have new toilets, some like here, have old school outside brick wallks. Peeing outside, you cannae beat it. While I was there two Auchinleck fans were having a heated discussion about the facilities. The elder of the two seemed outraged by having to pee out in the open, while his youngre counterpart was quite happy.

“At least they’ve got a pish-hoose! It’s better than that thing we’ve got.”

When the half-time whistle sounds scores of kids run onto the pitch to start their own games. There is at least 20 of them running about and a seven-a-side game is in progress. On the terracing a group of Pollok fans have a carry-out well on the go.

Andy Essler Celebrates

The second half starts off with Auchinleck trying hard to get an equaliser. Kris Robertson in the Pollok goal makes and outstanding save to stop a close range shot and turn it past the post. This turns out to be Talbot’s best chance of the match.

A few minutes later Pollok make it 2-0. After a corner on the right a shot looks to be missing everyone and going wide of the post. Until, that is, Andy Essler slides in a foot out from the back post and slides the ball in between woodwork and keeper.

You’d think that with over 20 years in the game, playing with sides such as Queen of the South, Stirling Albion and Dumbarton, 41 year old Stevie Mallan would have experience enough not to get up to some off-the-ball violence. You’d be wrong. He received a straight red card and Talbot kissed goodbye to any chance of getting back into the match.

After that incident a few more tasty challenges went in from both sides, but there were no further incidents as Pollok ran out deserved winners.

The Pollok website has several very good pictures from the game here. The Auchinleck Talbot website similarly omits a report of the game but again has some good photographs on the main page.

Pollok: Robertson, Carruth, Cruickshank, McClay, Wingate, Miller, Hardie, McGeown (Dillon 52), Dingwall, Turnbull (Downs 60), Essler (Newall 79)

Auchinleck Talbot: Strain, Latta, McVey, Pettigrew, Robb, Davidson, White (McIlroy 71), Slavin, Doolan (McKelvie 86), Mallan, Young (Phillip 79)

Sent Off: Mallan (63) for bammery

Scorers: Miller (21), Essler (52)

Referee: Derek Nicholls (Category 2)

Attendance: 702