Game Thirty-Six – Fort William vs. Deveronvale

Fort William vs. Deveronvale

Fort William 1 vs. 6 Deveronvale

Scot-Ads Highland Football League
Saturday 4th April 2009, Kick-Off 3pm
Claggan Park, Fort William, Lochaber

A trip up north today to see ‘Britain’s worst football team’. Fort William have not won a match all season and last season they only won once.

Fort William is only 3 hours on the bus from Glasgow and the ground is about a 15 minute walk from both the bus station and the adjacent train station.

Claggan Park is tucked away at the end of an industrial estate at the foothills of Ben Nevis. I’m there in plenty of time for kick-off. In fact I’m there to see the Deveronvale team bus arrive.

I’m the first paying customer into the ground. It’s only £6 admission, which is decent value. I go into Ninnie’s Bar, inside the ground. I notice that there are crisps and nuts laid out on the tables in little glass bowls, which I haven’t seen since I was wee. A nice touch.

The walls are decorated with pennants, team photographs, shirts and newspaper clippings.

Inside the ground there is a garden with a couple of greenhouses and many potted plants.

It’s a nice, very well cared for ground. My only complaint really is that the terracing is some distance from the pitch. I would estimate that all the way around you’re about 25 yards away from the touchline. There is only one portion of the ground that is raised, that being the seated enclosure, so this is the best spot in the ground for a decent overall view of the pitch.

The Deveronvale dugout.

In November of 2008 Deveronvale hammered Fort by 10 goals to nil, so the home side know they have their work cut out.

Fort appear to be a very young side. There doesn’t seem to be many players over 25 in the team.

The attendance today is far from impressive. I would estimate that there’s only around 40 people here, which is a shame. I’m led to believe that Fort William is a town more interested in shinty than in football.

Of the handful of Deveronvale fans here are a couple of guys who have obviously come along together. Over their ‘Vale shirts and scarves one of them wears a Rangers jacket, while the other sports a Celtic jacket.

The talk on the terraces is all about Ferguson and McGregor’s midweek indiscrections and the scoreline from Celtic Park.

The home side start very well attacking Deveronvale from down the right wing with Sean Ellis getting plenty of the ball.

Ellis creates the opening goal in the twelfth minute as he takes the ball down the wing and fires in a cross that Scott Shields knocks in from inside the six-yard box.

It’s a shock lead for Fort William, but can they hang on? Deveronvale push hard for an equaliser but find Fort defending well. It’s obvious though that if Fort are going to land their first win of the season today then there will be plenty of heart-in-mouth moments for the next 75 minutes.

Fort go close in 24 minutes when James Blanchard in the Vale goal makes a great save from a Robert MacGillivary shot.

But inevitably it goes wrong for the home side. In the 26th minute Deveronvale get the ball in the box as Mark Chisolm goes on a run. He’s clearly cut down by Martin Godwin’s lunging challenge. It’s a stonewall penalty kick and it’s easily converted by Sam MacKay.

It’s all Deveronvale from now on. The get their second in the 37th minute as Robbie Duncanson beats the offside trap and makes a run into the penalty area, tucking the ball past Masteron on his left hand side.

Fort are now giving possession away very cheaply, although they continue to defend in numbers.

It’s 3-1 to the visitors four minutes before half-time when Darren McAllister fires home.

The heads go down a bit as the half-time whistle sounds.

The Fort William team come out for the second half.

The second half starts in the same vein with Deveronvale on the attack and Fort William fighting hard in defence.

It takes ‘Vale 20 minutes into the second half to get their fourth as a header to the back post is tapped in by Duncanson.

After that, it only takes a minute to add the fifth as Sam MacKay, ten yards out, meets an inswinging cross with his head to send the ball past the Fort keeper.

With five minutes left the long suffering Fort fans see their side lose a sixth goal as Cowie taps the ball over the line from two yards out.

Fort haven’t played badly this afternoon, but they’ve been unable to hold on to the ball and have struggled to get it cleared out of the penalty area.

After the match I go into the social club again to watch a replay of the Grand National, before walking in to the town centre to have fish and chips in a pub as I wait for my bus.

In addition to their poor form, the one thing Fort William are probably best known for is their sponsorship deal and the unusual television project for which they’ve been unwittingly chosen.

Fort William signed a sponsorship deal with America’s Team last summer. Currently they wear the website’s logo on their shirts. The idea however is that from summer 2009 Fort William will become part of an American reality TV show with America’s Team sending over up to 10 American players in order to turn Fort William from ‘worst to first’.

The website offers annual $69 subscriptions for people to take part. Billed as a real-life Fantasy Football game the plan is for the mooted thousands of subscribers to pick the team, the formation, ‘strategies’ and even substitutions. There are also incentives for subscribers to get other people to sign up. Let’s draw three triangular shaped lines around that diagram and see what it looks like. There is a lengthy video on their site explaining the ins and outs of the service.

The promotional video (sorry, ‘Sizzle Reel’) for America’s Team FC is below. (You’ll notice that there’s no need for subtitles when the American guy is talking, they’re only required when Scottish folk speak.) It starts off as a reasonably amusing American take on ‘Skattish Socker’, but it quickly takes a quite offensive turn using nonsense quotes from people who’ve clearly never seen the team play. It then goes on to portray Fort William as nothing more than a team of drunks managed by a gormless idiot. This all leads in nicely to the solution the video offers which is sending over a bunch of American frat boys fresh from macking some chicks to sort it all out. Just as well, because according to the video the current crop of Fort William players are nothing more than ‘Nancy boys’.

Now I can understand that the board of Fort William may be eager for this project to be a success. It’s already raised their public profile, which is good. I’m sure they’ve made a little bit of money out of it and with the promise of more money to come, the board may well look on it as a welcome business proposition. There is also the unequivical promise of a turnaround in their fortunes. Again, the staff at Fort William have to look on that as a good thing.

However, the America’s Team video is completely demeaning. It’s nothing more than an insult to the players, management, fans and people of Fort William. To be honest, it’s difficult to take it seriously what with the over the top comments and American Gladiator style voiceover.

Surely no self respecting film-maker would put together a piece so ill-informed and littered with bought and paid for hyperbole.

The fact that the people who made the video actually sponsor the team is staggering. Who’s ever heard of a team sponsor going out their way to insult the team?

Of course it’s all good promotion for the America’s Team show. Turning around this bunch of layabouts, alkies and poofs? What a triumph that would be. Not to mention winning over the people of the town, what with their well known anti-US sentiments and all. However, it makes me fearful for the Fort William team, as they embrace the plans while their benefactors publicy ridicule the side.

But it’s all just a daft laugh eh? It’s the telly and that’s more important than a wee football club nobody cares about. And that’s just the thing who would care? Maybe about 50 folk would be concerned, and by the sounds of things most of them have been convinced it’s a good idea.

Personally, I think it sounds absolutely appalling. Exactly the kind of thing that should be discouraged from making its way into football. Fort William FC should, in my opinion, run a mile from it. What Team America and PMAC Entertainment Tonight look to be attempting first and foremost is what so many fly-by-nights do and that is finding a way to make money from the internet.

I’m sorry I didn’t research this before I made my trip, as McDonald was at the match yesterday and was sitting only feet away from me in the social club afterwards.

There are a selection of articles on Paul McDonald and his America’s Team project at this link.

Gordon Parks in the Daily Record has written a couple of articles on the club and the American project. This one in February and this one from March.

Hopefully Fort can pick up a win or two before the season ends. I’ll watch with interest to see what transpires with the America’s Team project. Perhaps it’ll be the best thing for the side, but I doubt it.

I had an enjoyable day, despite the weather not being very nice and I found the people friendly and the town very pleasant. I’ll certainly visit again next season.

You can see more of my photographs here.
Deveronvale attack

Fort William: Masteron, Hendry, Godwin, Shields (Laing 47), Ferguson, Kerr, Martin, Ellis, Gillespie, MacGillivary (Foggo 87), Ellis

Scorer: Shields (12)

Deveronvale: Blanchard, Gilbert, Stephen, Chisolm, David MacKay, Clark (Rodger 68), Cowie, Sam Mackay, Coutts (Noble 58), Duncanson (Meldrum 82), McAllister

Scorers: Sam MacKay (26 pen, 66), Duncanson (37, 65), McAllister (41), Cowie (85)

Referee: Billy Baxter

Assistants: Willie Turner, Ryan Johnstone

Attendance: From a rough headcount perhaps 40.

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18 Responses to “Game Thirty-Six – Fort William vs. Deveronvale”

  1. paul mcdonald Says:

    Yes – you are correct. It was a shame you did not do your proper research and have a chat with me while you were at the Club. I think you would have learned so much more about my intentions. Most of your facts are essentially correct – but few of your editorial opinions are. I think that you will see in due time – that this accomplishes so much more than what is on the surface. However, my best to you – and next time – let’s have a proper chat. Cheers to you! Paul

  2. downthewing Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to contact Paul.

    First of all, you’ve misquoted me. I didn’t say I hadn’t taken the time to do ‘proper’ research, just that I hadn’t researched your plans before I went along to the game.

    Secondly my opinons are just that – opinions. If they don’t coincide with yours that doesn’t mean they are incorrect.

    You’ve failed to take the opportunity to address what is my main bone of contention and that is the promotional video you’ve put online that does nothing but deride and ridicule the current Fort William team and management.

    I’d be interested to learn how you feel you can justify the ignorant soundbites that litter the film. I’d also challenge you to remove it and put in its place something that more accurately and respectfully reflects the side. A team, from what I could see, of hard working and dedicated footballers, despite what their results may attest.

    I’d be delighted if your plan did bring success and riches to Fort William, but currently I have strong doubts. I’d be happy to discuss the ins and outs of your plans with you either in the comments section here, via e-mail (you can reach me on tom dot brogan (at) ntlworld dot com) or in person whenever we are both next at Claggan Park.



  3. paul mcdonald Says:

    A few important elements to get across: Now i have certainly had some negative comments – and even a few death threats – but 90 % or more or positive. You’re an intelligent writer – but you caught me in a rotten mood – so i intend to set everyone straight.

    You wrote: “There are also incentives for subscribers to get other people to sign up. Let’s draw three triangular shaped lines around that diagram and see what it looks like”
    1) This is no pyramid scheme. This is commonplace in all American Football and Baseball online fantasy leagues – except you usually have to recruit more. In this sense – I am being generous.

    2. “Sizzle Reel” is a common nomenclature in US television: it is vital to call it that in order to be considered for possible airing. It is not meant to be sensationalist – it is just what it is called. Just like you call french fries “chips” – we call it in our biz a sizzle reel.

    3. The Voice over talent is used by nearly 75% percent of the sports oriented sizzle reels: just like Don Lamontagne did all of those trailers: again – commonplace to be taken seriously in the US.

    4. Never look at me again and tell me i am not a self-respecting film maker – and out to make a quick buck. As a film maker for more than twenty years – there are many here in the US that have a drastically different response. If you did more research – a wonderful article by Jim McBeath – who actually DID research about me – found media experts in the US who said the opposite – that i was “one of the good guys” – and a rarity.

    5. Never forget this:- I love the FW area – I love the team – the board – the players – and have researched this concept for years. How dare you to make such a statement about my media abilities. That is not your “opinion” – that is borderline slander.

    6. No one who said they knew “nothing about the team” was used in the sizzle reel. In fact – many of the most derogatory comments were made by actual members of the FW board and players – they provided the soundbites. The terms “nancy boys” and “poofs” – and that they need *** anger were not applied to the Scottish team – but were local responses to having American players – – so if that’s not at least equally offensive – and presenting both sides of the stories – I dont know what is. You are clearly not listening – and hearing what you only want. The reel gives a fair and balanced approach of what both sides feel about each other. I guess for you – it’s only offensive if it offends Scots.

    7. A quick buck. You gotta be joking. This has cost me tens of thousands of dollars. 4 weeks ago – with only 18 months left to pay for it – my car was re-possessed. I have given everything to this project. This team has won about 3 games out of the last 90 league matches – and lost nearly every cup match over that period. All we want to do is bring a message of hope – and that if people work together – and believe and help each other – they can accomplish the world – no matter how the cards have been stacked against them over the years.

    8. I’ve been stuck in this airport while my sick daughter is at home missing me. They closed the doors on me as i ran to the damn tarmac – and refused to open them – i am pissed angry – but after all your “opinion” – printed without even ATTEMPTING to learn a fact – is part of today’s problem.

  4. paul mcdonald Says:

    oh – and the subtitles were there because no one in the US could understand the scots. Not my choice – but the production companies.

  5. paul mcdonald Says:

    In my first response – i thought i was rather kind and generous – yet you continued on the offesvie – so therefore – for AND JUST FOR EMPHASIS – SINCE YOU DO SEEM DAFT:

    your quote:
    “You’ve failed to take the opportunity to address what is my main bone of contention and that is the promotional video you’ve put online that does nothing but deride and ridicule the current Fort William team and management.

    I’d be interested to learn how you feel you can justify the ignorant soundbites that litter the film.”

    This is what was decided by everyone involved. Each player knew this – so did the coach. The “ignorant soundbites” (i dont know what you are referring to) were made by players – coaches – and well known townspeople. Some were even made by former Bolton Striker Super John McGinlay…former resident. It’s how you sell a program. And then – you move on. If you knew anything about this business (even though i am not self respecting and looking to make a quick buck – again – this is not opinion here in the US – that is SLANDEROUS) – you would at least have the courtesy to ask in a private email after my first “reply” before you mounted a second offensive.

  6. downthewing Says:

    Paul, I appreciate you taking the time to respond to the points I’ve raised. However, I’m slightly puzzled by the increasing venom in your writing.

    You’ve went very quickly from ‘You’re an intelligent writer’ to ‘SINCE YOU DO SEEM DAFT’. And I hadn’t even written anything in between. Without attempting to be patronising I’ve found that it’s probably better not write comments in anger. We can have an intelligent discussion with widely differing viewpoints without resorting to name calling.

    But to address your comments:

    “This is no pyramid scheme”. No, it’s not even a scheme per se. I don’t think there’s ever been a recorded instance of anyone saying, “Yes, a pyramid scheme that’s exactly what it is!” It sure sounds like it shares a lot of characteristics with the structure of a pyramid scheme.

    I do however appreciate that you are not offering those who sign up the
    promise of untold wealth, which underpins such schemes. I also take
    your point that baseball and football fantasy leagues in the US work in
    such a way.

    Yes, I understand what ‘Sizzle Reel’ means. ‘You don’t sell the steak you sell the sizzle’, I’m sure in your business it’s a term used frequently. I’ve merely highlighted it as it’s an example of what I find to be a disconcerting trend of media terms and industry jargon being directed at the general public, when it’s best left behind the scenes.

    Again I’m familiar with Don LaFontaine as well as the work of Hal Douglas. I still found the style in the context of promoting Scottish football hilarious. It plays like a sketch, and I’m not the only person who has thought that.

    It’s obviously not Scottish football fans you’re attempting to win over with that film.

    I stand by this comment, “Surely no self respecting film-maker would
    put together a piece so ill-informed and littered with bought and paid
    for hyperbole.” My reason for writing it was based solely on the 4
    minutes and 21 second film I watched. My contempt for it rises mainly
    from this quote, “It’s probably the coach. He’s like,’If you kick the
    ball I’ll give you a sweetie.'” The film then cuts to footage of Fort William’s manager Calum MacLean.

    Now you surely cannot stand by that comment as an accurate portrayal of Mr. MacLean and his abilities as a football coach and his attitude to
    the role.

    It does however perfectly serve the purpose you wish to illustrate, that this is a hapless club being incompetently led and therefore it will be an exciting challenge to reverse their fortunes.

    I actually did read the article in the Daily Mail by Jim McBeath and yes, he quotes an unnamed ‘US television insider’ who says you are ‘One of the good guys.’ That may well be true, but that doesn’t do anything to change my opinion of that film.

    “How dare you to make such a statement about my media abilities. That
    is not your “opinion” – that is borderline slander.” I’m not sure what
    statement you’re referring to. I’m guessing it’s the one above: “Surely
    no self respecting film-maker would put together a piece so ill-informed and littered with bought and paid for hyperbole.” This comment was not about your media abilities. You can sure work the media Mr. McDonald. I have seen and read nothing but good things about this endeavour. You obviously know your game, of that I make no derogatory remarks. What I find hard to understand is signing off on a film that, as I said, portrays Fort William as nothing more than a team of drunks managed by a gormless idiot. Now you know the team better than I do, perhaps they all regularly have drinks prised from their hands before kick-off. Didn’t look like it to me though. I’ve seen plenty of hopeless footballers this season and the guys I saw playing for the Fort on Saturday were head and shoulders above all of them as they scrapped and battled for every ball.

    Incidentally, it would be borderline libel, not slander.

    A gentleman I spoke to at the match on Saturday who was providing the statistics for the Highland League website told me that the last time Fort William won a match was in September 2007. I believe he said it was a 4-2 win over Rothes. Your video claims that they haven’t won a match in ‘Over two years’. Now the chap I spoke to may be wrong, but since he seemed to know most facts about the club from off the top of his head I took his word for it. (A small point I know.)

    I didn’t quite understand that the comments, ‘They’re too soft, they need fuckin’ anger’and ‘Nancy boys’ were directed at the anonymous American players. The people in the video saying this are the same ones giving informed opinions on the Fort William side. I presumed this was a continuation of those remarks, as these opinions seem to be similarly drawn. So, are you saying that the people in the video have seen the American guys playing? Because this appears to be the conclusion they’ve drawn from doing so. Or were they giving an opinion on something they couldn’t possibly know about?

    Oh yes, the chap calling Americans ‘Poofs’ I found ludicrous as well. A
    daft comment. Completely. It has no credence whatsoever.

    The film also infers that there’s an anti-American feeling in Fort William. Have you found that? Perhaps you have. Personally I don’t believe there is, but if you were to tell me otherwise I wouldn’t dispute what you say.

    “A quick buck”. I haven’t used this phrase anywhere on this page. You’ve used it three times.

    For someone in the television industry I’m surprised you appear to be so sensitive to criticism. Once you put an idea or a product out there, it’s not yours anymore. It’s in the public domain for people to apply their interpretations to. If I’ve contributed to ruining your day I hate to think of your 9 to 5 when you received your death threats.

    I have attempted to learn facts and as you’ll see from my post I’ve allowed anyone reading it to do so as well. I’ve included web links to your company, the America’s Team site and the Slideshare collection of
    articles (pretty much all of which are complimentary).

    I’ve offered my opinion and the opportunity for anyone reading to draw
    their own conclusions.

    I wasn’t aware from your video that John McGinlay is one of the people speaking. I don’t think there’s any indication of this on the film. I’m well aware of his playing career, he acquitted himself superbly in a Scotland shirt.

    You suggest that I attacked you after your ‘Kind and generous’ initial response. I felt that you misrepresented something I had written and you suggested that my opinions were incorrect. I simply responded to these assertions in a polite and respectful manner.

    I’m not sure why you felt I had to contact you privately in order to do
    this. Nor where any showbusiness knowledge or lack of it has any relevance.

    Again, I’m aware that the purpose of your film is to sell your project. I felt I made that clear in my original post.

    As I said in my original post and in my comment I’d be delighted if your project works and turns around the fortunes of Fort William. It would be great if the name of Fort William was at the top of the Highland League instead of the bottom.

    Yes, I’m sceptical. I’ve heard grand revolutionary plans for football teams before and they’ve never worked out well. Yours may well be very different. Time will tell eh?

    I’m sorry to hear that your daughter is ill. I sincerely hope that she gets better soon.

    Best regards


  7. Adrian Says:

    For the record, I’m an American, and I also found the video extremely offensive for the way it plays up ugly Scottish stereotypes (they can’t stop drinking!) alongside positive American ones (they can’t stop fucking!), all for a reality show. If the people of Fort William weren’t Anti-American before, they sure will be now.

  8. glasjay Says:

    My two cents.

    I’m not American, I’m Scottish.
    Now, I’ve not seen the video so I’m in no place to comment but goddamn it I’m offended!
    And I don’t even care about Fort William!

  9. glasjay Says:

    Ok I’ve watched the video now.

    Sorry Tom but when the people are saying “bunch of poof” and “get fucking anger” it’s quite obvious (to me anyway) they’re talking about the Americans.

    Now, Mr McDonald, the overall impression I get from your video is that you’re trying to convince the viewing public that you’re going to take a bunch of no hopers, inject the team with fresh blood and make them good, which is your point I’m sure. However, the film is littered with innaccuracies and seems very underhanded and one sided to me.

    It says there are very few overseas players in Scotland.
    Wrong, in fact there is an American player at Rangers.
    Celtic played Falkirk on Wednesday night and in the Celtic starting 11 there was a Pole, a German, 4 Scots, a Japanese, a Spaniard, an Irishman, an Aussie and a Greek.

    It says, or at least hints at, Fort William play in a professional league.
    This is not strictly accurate the way it is portrayed in the video, the players at Fort William are part timers not full time pro players.

    As for the opinions of the public shown in the video, I’m sure these are their opinions, whether or not their being shown out of context, I don’t know. However showing select cips of the locals saying the local team are rubbish and Americans are not welcome may be due to selective editing.

    But that’s what you do when you’re trying to sell something isn’t it?

    Best of luck with the project, I hope it’s good for Fort William.

  10. glasjay Says:

    Oh and the movie trailer voiceover and Braveheart style speech are a bit cheesy.

  11. Says:

    Howdy glasjay…Tom and I have “chatted” – and have come to closure…and we understand where each other’s coming from. I certainly was in an angry mood (not usual for me) and was po’d about many people questioning my motives – during a REALLY bad travel day that was getting worse…and he shared some concerns that he had – (which i remember when that happened…all too sad) and he is assured that’s not where this is going. So no worries.

    Your comments on the video are all pretty correct. Yep – gotta sell it – very cheesy ESPN / Fox style voice over (it’s so commonplace here) – so maybe not UK style – but its what we gotta do to grab a person’s attention over here.

    Now – here is the only correction: the highland football league IS a professional league – as recognized by the SFA…the so called 4th division. Some players over near Aberdeen get a decent wage to play….not living in luxury – but a decent income for a part time work.

    Its not set up for promotion to 3rd Division – but that does not mean it is not recognized (by SFA) as a PRO league. Now (please don’t waste your time to do this) – if you grabbed a sheet – traveled from park to park – and listed all of the non-EU players playing in a Highland league uniform. . . well u get the point. It is a “league where few players come from abroad.” So essentially, very accurate. Sensationalist – but we’re not making a documentary or a news story.

    Rather, it’s aimed to pique the curiosity of an American whose knowledge of the game is that “they play “football” (american) in heaven – they play “soccer” in hell” – which is what i hear over in the states all the time. We live in a country where we sell “soccer” to new fans by promoting us as “underdogs” – showing commercials/clips of 100,000 fans in Azteca stadium screaming anti-american statements…as our team gets ready to march down the tunnel.

    If i were making a documentary – would it be written differently – but we’re not – we are trying to SELL a story to a bunch of the Richard Branson’s of the world to get behind it and fund it to put it on the telly – so we go about a different style. So – that is why it’s so over the top. They see 100 of these a month.

    Oh – when we recorded this (October 2008) the team over the past 40 games had been averaging losses at about a 6 or 7 to nil pace (dont have my math around anymore – but trust me research was very accurate)…and their last pro win was an early season victory last september 2007 – and my recollection is their total point grab over the last 60 matches – but it was something like 9 out of a possible 180 points) – so very “worse case”.

    Now – let’s talk some non-sensationalist truth -lets link the video in with the actual match that our host came to see – which really should be the story here!

    In October 08 (and before) – the players were having issues staying out of the pubs – but the team really has emotionally turned it around. Since their loss to Vale (10-0) last November 08 – – they have really picked up their intensity. It’s not b/c of Hollywood coming – (which i think might have been suggested by another journalist) – but Calum has truly fired up his squad.

    It has not turned into points yet…true. Nor – has it brought any fans into the stands – or motivated the townsfolk into believers…or throw down their shinty sticks to repair the stands. But – in time – whether or not cameras come to FW – he will surely turn that team around. They are doing the right things now…for the right reasons. And they will grab some points before the end of the season. I’m thinking a draw vs Clach, and then 3 from someone like Brora. We spoke of this before i left – and i expect we’ll see a big change. The way they played vs Huntly and Vale – they will take points before the year is out.

    Best to you all. Speaking of shinty sticks – (seriously now) anyone know of anybody who wants to throw down their shinty sticks and work on improving the fan seating areas for Fort this summer? HA! Cheers!

  12. downthewing Says:

    Cheers Paul, some good points there. Although Fort took a pasting on Saturday it wasn’t for lack of effort. They’re by no means the worst team I’ve seen all season. I don’t see why they can’t pick up a few points before the season’s end.

  13. glasjay Says:

    Hi Paul,
    I can see what your project’s about and why you’re doing it and I hope it’s succesful, I really do.

    Just a couple of points though, I never said that it wasn’t a professional league, I said that the FW players aren’t full time pros. I know it’s a professional league but the video gives the impression the players are full time pros.

    Also the video doesn’t say that there aren’t many foreign players in that league, it says there aren’t many foreign players in the Scottish game, which is why I picked you up on it.

    I’ll say this for you, you’ve certainly piqued my interest and I’ll be following the progress of the experiment (is that the right word?) closely.

    All the best.

  14. Says:

    Glasjay! Just call it some “poetic license” (all the way around).

    Lets just hope it’s all fun…but it gets good reviews too. I will have to say – in all honesty – the discussions i have had here with companies in the UK are much in alignment and “closer” to the vision that was in my mind – some of the companies in the US had this pigeonholed as more of a Scottish “temptation island.” (i’ll just leave that image in your head for awhile).

  15. Glasjay Says:

    It’s going to be interesting to say the least.

    Not sure Fort William has the weather for temptation island!

    Best of luck with it

  16. Dan Mugridge Says:

    Hi, excellent blog and interesting reading to say the least!

    I’m a non-league football enthusiast / ground-hopper and although I live in Brighton I’m coming up to Scotland especially for the Fort William vs Rothes game on 9th May. Fort William’s record is obviously notorious but Rothes are almost as bad, their only win of the season being a 1-0 home win over Fort William.

    If ever there was a chance for FW to end their winless streak, this surely has to be it, and if they do win, I intend to be there to see it!

    I’m flying up to Glasgow to meet a friend and we’ll either train it or drive it to FW depending on numbers. We’re staying the night in FW then on to Inverness vs Hamilton for a Sunday game.

    If you’d like to join us traveling to FW vs Rothes, or just meet for a pint at the game, let me know, it could be the last chance to see FW as we know them…



  17. Bas Says:

    I just booked a return trip from Glasgow to Fort William to attend the game against Wick on Saturday 10/10. I looked at the weather forecast and it does notlook good though, with rain expected for the rest of the week and apparently Claggan Park is notorious for its regularly waterlogged pitch…After having travelled to not one but two cancelled games yesterday I would like to see a bit of football again as well…

  18. scott Says:

    “American Players coming over , thats a load of crap” least theres some truth in the video. Thank god this never happened , mon the fort

    Great piece of writing mate , hope we can get a win for you if your ever back at claggan

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