Game Thirty-Five – JML Accies vs. Rutherglen Vultures

JML Accies vs. Rutherglen Vultures

JML Accies 2 vs. 4 Rutherglen Vultures

Consolation Scoreboard Sports Trophy Semi-Final
Friday 3rd April 2009, Kick-Off 7pm
Petershill Park, Springburn

Another trip to Springburn and Petershill Park for this cup tie. The ground hosts several amateur matches throughout April, so no doubt I’ll be back again soon.

When I arrive there is an Under 15 training session taking place on one half of the pitch, while what appears to be an Over 50s 11-a-side match is under way on the other.

By the time the old guys clear the pitch the match kicks off 6 minutes late.

JML Accies are based in the Cardonald area of Glasgow and were founded just over a year ago.

There is a crowd of only about 20, despite it being quite a pleasant evening.

I can’t help but notice that one of the Accies fans is quite well inebriated. He spends much of the first half shouting and playing with several children in the crowd. Mainly spinning them round and dropping them into some of the large bins in the ground. Soundtracking this with “I’m sick of you ya wee cunt, you’re going in the bin.” To be fair the kids seemed to be quite enjoying it.

Rutherglen take the lead after 8 minutes. Eleven minutes later they are awarded a mysterious penalty kick. I’m not sure exactly what the award was for and few people on the pitch do either. Accies number 4 picks up a booking for shouting at the linesman.

Our inebriated fan stops throwing the kids around in order to shout at the linesman too. “You’re on DLA ya cunt. Ye cannae run properly.”

The penalty is saved by the Accies keeper, but the rebound is knocked in for 2-0.

Rutherglen make it 2-0

Accies heads noticably go down and Rutherglen clearly look the better side, holding their shape well and seeming a far better organised outfit.

On the half hour mark what looks like a poor ball is launched high from the right wing into the Accies penalty area. It drops onto the head of Rutherglen’s number 14 who heads it over the goalkeeper and into the net. It’s 3-0 and there doesn’t look much way back into the tie for JML.

Our drunken fan has now gone round to the opposite side of the pitch and seems to be berating the linesman over at that end.

At half-time I discover that inebriated fan is actually one of the JML players. He’s out of the side this evening as he had downed a bottle of Buckfast earlier on. To be fair he probably wasn’t in contention for a place anyway.

The game threatens to turn a bit nasty in the 52nd minute when Rutherglen’s number 10 picks up a booking for a late challenge. Accies number 6, who wasn’t involved in the original tackle, can’t let it lie and needles the Vultures man repeatedly before play can restart. Several other players get involved and there’s a little bit of a pushing match. It comes to not very much however.

Accies are looking a bit better organised in this half, but it’s Rutherglen who grab another goal as their number 14 rushes through on goal in 66 minutes, slotting the ball past the keeper.

JML Accies vs. Rutherglen Vultures

Accies get back into the game when a long ball is played through for Accies number 9 to clip the ball into the goal from the edge of the box.

The Southside team go close a few moments later with a shot that whizzes over the crossbar.

They’ve started to play some football now late in the game.

In the 87th minute a nice run into the box is halted by a Rutherglen boot and the ref awards the second penalty of the night.

Accies big number 11 thumps it home. However, there’s not enough time for Accies to get the two goals needed to take the match into extra time and Rutherglen make it into the final.

A pretty entertaining Friday evening with 6 goals and a hotly contested cup-tie.

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