Game Fifteen – Clyde LFC vs. Team Strathclyde

Clyde LFC vs. Team Strathclyde
Clyde LFC 4 vs. 1 Team Strathclyde

Scottish Women’s Football League 2nd Division South West & West
Sunday 15th November 2008, Kick-Off 2pm
Petershill Park, Glasgow

Back into the world of women’s football and back to what appears to be its premier venue – Petershill Park. It’s certainly a decent place to watch football on a Sunday afternoon with a fully stocked cafe and bar.

It’s also a nice day as the sun shines on the all-weather surface. Clyde LFC a newly formed ladies team attached to Clyde FC take on the ladies football team from Strathclyde University. The crowd is made up mainly of people who know the players.

With only three minutes on the clock Clyde’s number 7 Natalie McCormick spots the Strathclyde keeper off her line and chips the ball over her head from thirty yards out. It’s one-nil Clyde.

The one strongpoint of the ladies game seems to be the tackling. there are a couple of late challenges but on the whole tackling seems to be what the ladies do best. Clearances are a different matter and it’s anyone’s guess in which direction the ball will spin off in when a defender attempts to clear her lines.

All throughout the first half the boyfriend of one of the Clyde players patrols the touchline, repeatedly calling her over to him. You certainly don’t see this kind of thing in the men’s game. Be amusing if you did though.

Half an hour gone and Clyde beat an offside trap. Their number 18 spots the Strathclyde keeper off her line and lifts the ball over her head from the edge of the box. It’s 2-0 Clyde and stays that way until the interval.

The half-time break is only about five minutes. There’s still a queue at the cafe as the teams kick-off.

Strathclyde Take a Throw-in

Within three minutes of the second half Clyde get a tame penalty kick, which the number 18 confidently puts away. This is added to in the 57th minute where a nice pass across the face of the goal leaves Clyde’s number 3 with an easy tap in to make it 4-0.

Strathclyde get a goal back with 16 minutes remaining, but they were never really in it. Clyde should perhaps be kicking themselves that they didn’t win by more.

The referee dished out 7 yellows in a game which was far from dirty. I think most of them came for backchat. As I come out of the toilet on my way from the building I overhear the ref talking to one of his colleagues about to go out onto the pitch. “They didn’t make it easy for me,” he says of the match.

Attendance: 15. Not counting the collection of ladies around the dug out who presumably were members of the squads. There was also a constantly changing number of kids, old folk and sports complex visitors who wandered in for a look throughout the 90 minutes.


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