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What’s it All About?

May 31, 2008

I used to be a regular at football matches. A Clydebank supporter from the age of 9 there was a point where I went to games both home and away. I would go to away games on one of the two supporters’ buses. If it wasn’t for football I would have visited only about three Scottish towns. My knowledge of most of Scotland’s towns and cities comes from visiting them for the football. In fact my limited knowledge of geography comes from following football over the years. At school I had no problems recognising that Budapest was in Hungary, because England played a game there that was live on television. I knew that Sofia was in Bulgaria as Liverpool had stuffed CSKA Sofia in the European Cup.

Dumfries, Forfar, Bechin and Alloa. All I’ve seen of them has been the road to and from their respective football grounds. Well perhaps the odd bakery in Forfar or pub everywhere else.

About 15 years ago I stopped going so much. This was mainly because I worked late into Friday and Saturday nights and found getting up and going to the game just too tiring. Then in 2002 my football team got bought over and ceased to exist.

In the last couple of seasons I have attended the odd, random match. A visit to Firhill here, a trip to Ibrox, Parkhead or Hampden there. Indeed even a few trips to see the newly formed Clydebank Juniors. While sat in a pub on Glasgow’s Great Western Road watching Celtic lift the SPL title at Tannadice in May, the idea popped into my head that during this coming season 2008/09 I should try to attend roughly a game a week. I quite liked going to football matches I thought. Liked the day out, enjoyed the atmosphere and when you’ve seen a good game the feeling lasts for the rest of the day.

Why 50 I’m not sure. It seemed like I had to set a target that was a task, yet still achievable. I also thought it would be good if I could take in a variety of matches at all levels of the game. I didn’t set myself any particular rules. I’m not trying to visit every league or non-league ground. I’m not trying to see every league team in the country. I am trying to take in a wide range of football and find something entertaining and interesting to write about every match.

So I set up this blog with the purpose of writing about the games and my journey to and from them, as well as posting some photographs from my visits. Now that you’ve found the site I hope there’s something here that you’ll enjoy.